Thursday, 18 June 2015

Crafty Wishlist

Today I managed to give myself a card making injury. What is a card making injury? Well a card making injury can be anything from a paper cut, a nick with a craft knife or something more serious like I did to a tendon in my hand. Don't ask me know I did it because I'm not sure but some how I 'pinged' a tendon in my right arm & it's super painful so no cards for a little while.
All of a sudden I realised that I've been spending 90% of my 'up & doing things' portion of the day making cards & I suddenly had no idea what to do with myself. I can't read much & I struggle to watch tv & listening to music/audiobooks is something I do whilst I'm making cards....

I was truly lost.

So I started window shopping & that window shopping transitioned into this, a list of all kinds of crafty things from essentials I keep meaning to buy & then passing over for prettier things to the kind of stamp sets I pass over the essentials for :)

1) Mama Elephant Chance of Rain Stamp Set: Mama Elephant are so mean, they release the most adorable stamp set in creation.....just as I run out of money. I'm not sure why but I love rain/rain adjacent stamp sets (possibly to do with English weather?), give me umbrellas & rain coats any day :)

2) Art Impressions Water Colour Rubber Stamps - Flower Set: I have fallen head over heals for watercolours & watercolour effects but I'm still no artist & wouldn't feel comfortable free handing the kind of watercolour scene the women of romantic Victorian literature seemed to churn out with ease. I love the idea of these stamps that seem to make water colouring very easy, or at least they do in the videos Sandy Allnock does with them.... In my mind owning these will automatically make me a master watercolour-er (because that is a word....and a logical thought process ^^).

3) Wplus9 Dream Believer Stamps: I'm not 100% sure why I want this set so badly I don't have any other stamps sets like this. That's probably part of the reason, it's so unique, but it's more than that... There is just something about the way dream catchers look & the wonderful sentiments & the cute feathers (feathers are an in joke between my brother & I, every card I send to my brother has feathers on it ^^). Wplus9 though is one of those brands where I wouldn't turn my nose up at a single product they make.

4) My Favourite Things Fancy Flourish Die: My favourite things isn't a brand I'd really heard of before this release but then they came out with the most adorable penguins on holiday stamp set & I started to notice the brand :) I have the penguins but I totally wish I'd seen this die before I concluded the order because I just know I would get butt loads of use out of this die.

5) Altenew Henna Elements: Altenew is another brand where I wouldn't object to owning a single thing they made, they have some truly beautiful stamp sets. I've picked this one over the others because a) the stamps are beautiful & b) I grew up in a mainly Asian area (by which I mean Indian Subcontinent kind of Asian...) so henna is a part of my blood, it's a part of who I am.
It's kind of like my obsession with rain & balloons & watercolour, it comes from a part of who I am :)

6) Scotch Double-Sided Foam Tape: Would you believe I still haven't ordered this yet? I know that this is supposed to be really good but up until now I've been making do with cheap foam tape that comes in smaller's possibly not cheaper in the long run but it's a lot cheaper right now & $45 buys a lot of cute stamp sets :)

7) Simon Says Stamp Gingham Stencil: I'm not sure why I haven't ordered this yet....or honestly why I want it so bad. I adore plaids & ginghams but I'm still not 100% sure I would use this very often & yet I really want to get it....& never end up keeping it in the basket. It's always just that one item too many....

8) Simon Says Stamp Stitched Shapes Dies: I have the Lawn Fawn Stitched circle & rectangle dies but I love the fact that these add the stitched detail to both the positive & the negative.... They are so pricy though when you add in the shipping & it makes it hard to buy anything else before the shipping becomes super pricy...

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